Semi-finished products for deep-frying

Rich dough pastry for microwaves will save your time without saving on taste!!

Who does not like patties, sweet and meat pies and pizza! Large diversity of  bakery products with fillings will surely allow its  lovers to eat what they really want. Demand in such delicacies is always high- and to please it can semi-finished rich dough pastry for microwaves. After all it is enough to heat rich dough semi-finished products and here are pleased both the client and the seller. Just few minutes in a common microwave oven- and you can bite the first piece from a juicy quish or soft sausage of the pastry.

The purchase of such semi-finished products is profitable both for school canteens, and not big cafes, restaurants with  Russian cuisine and for any other enterprise. In the modern life tempo it is not always possible to get and peacefully have  a  meal made of  a pair of food and dessert – and here pies will come to help.  Their energetic value is high and is able to satisfy the human demand for fat, proteins and carbohydrates   for quite long time. The diversity of fillings allows to have both sweet dessert like patty or apple pie and substantial main dish- as for it you can have pizza compromised of several kinds of vegetables, cheese and meat or rasstegai made of only meat. Then you can go on working, studying and travelling! 

The company MAGEN-D cares for your  business  service speed and offers to get such semi-finished rich dough pastries and other seen products. It is enough to call us by the number (Moscow) 8 (499) 406-00-90 – and we will answer to all your questions and help you to form an order!