Fried products

Fried buns for microwaves by wholesale

Fried buns, belyashis and cheburecs – juicy classics for fast and substantial snack. No fast food café, canteen of even a common store can be imagined without them – departments of ready products  as never are in high demand. All possible non sweet fillings let quickly appease your hunger without spending much money – and it is a great advantage both for the consumer and for the seller. That is why nowadays fried products for microwaves are on the peak of popularity Purchase of such products with large and small wholesale will be profitable for the owners of business of various extent.

Cheburecs with cheese and meat are one of the most famous type of substantial delicacies originally from the East. Thin fried dough contains thick layer of stuff inside for the quality of which one surely does not need to worry: we use only fresh meat and milk products and high quality flour for making our cheburecs. There are also other fried buns for microwave in our assortment – for example, with potatoe and cabbage. These products are resembled in the consciousness of any Russian to something homemade, traditional and, of course, tasty and it meets with reality!

You can get sure about the quality of our goods by making the first not big purchase of the semi-ready and ready bakery products  that have interested you. Ring the company MAGEN-D by the phone number 8 (499) 406-00-90 – we will help you to form order and will answer to Your questions!