Products for microwave oven

MAGEN-D produces the largest assortment of frozen semi-finished bakery products for microwaves. Buns and rolls, belyashi and patties, pizza, quish and deep fry products are presented in the goods line. This kind of production was worked out especially for fast-food cafes and gas stations. Tasty, appetizing, hot bakery goods are one of the means to attract clients and raising their loyalty in market.

Making our semi-finished products is very simple:

1.Get it

2. Put into the microwave oven

3. Get the ready bakery product and offer to your clients.

All the products are harmless for health and are made of high quality products.

It is already more than 10 years that MAGEN-D pleases its partners with original frozen bakery products and presents more than 30 types of bakery products in market including pies with substantial and sweet fillings, samsa and doughnuts, we have chosen the best from all the cuisines and have led the receipts to perfectness! Try!

Frozen bakery products for microwaves from MAGEN-D: it is easy to make-it is easy to sell!