Sandwich with chicken

Sandwich with chicken
180 g
Ingredients: ttop-grade white flour, water, mayonnaise sauce “Honey-Mustard” [water, vegetable oil, sugar, thickener E1422, acidity regulator E260, salt, mustard seed, mashed apple, turmeric, mustard powder, dried celery, stabilizers E412, E415, coloring agents: E150c, E160a, preservatives E202, E 211, bay leaf, flavors: “Mustard”, “Celery”, pepper, cognac cervelat [chicken, water, salted pork fat, pork, pork skin, potatoes starch, dried milk, maltodextrin, milk protein, lactose, concentrate of pork connective tissue protein, nitrate salt, glucose, acidity regulator, stabilizer, white pepper, essential oils, food coloring agents], pickled cucumber, yeast, salt
Quantity: 10
Shelf life: 3 months.
Storage temperature: -18°C
Energetic value
349 kcal
The nutritional value
7,9 g
20,9 g
34,2 g
Defrost on the open air for 30-40 min; the product is ready. 6 months at -18C and lower After defrosting Unpacked product should be consumed – 24 hours Packed product – 72 hours At temperature +4 / -2 and lower – 72 hours