Frozen half-prepared products from short pastry

MAGEN-D will make any day a wonderful one-after all we make the tastiest and the most delicious rich pastry which will be to anybody`s taste!

Our products are made of rich yeast dough of high quality wheat flour, egg products and of special sorts of yeast resistant to the conditions of deep frosting. All the frozen semi-finished products perfectly rise when being defrosted in the result of which we get lush and appetizing pastries. There are products both with sweet fillings and substantial fillings in this line:

All the frozen semi-finished products:

  • Comply with the norms of State Standards and TC;

  • Fillings are made without using dyes and conservants;

  • Only fresh products passed veterinary control are used in the process of production.

MAGEN-D has been working in the market for a long time and has already got a reputation of reliable and approved partner. You can get frozen rich pastries both by big and small wholesale, depending on the demand and gustatory passions of the purchasers.

Rich pastries from MAGEN-D – tasty pleasure for every day!