Super tasty muffins with various fillings

Muffins are small confectionary products with fillings or without. A dessert similar to buns, has many funs in all over the world. The purchase of frozen muffins for restaurants and cafes will give a chance to please clients with the popular delicacy. Due to the diversity of the tastes, it is possible to offer the assortment from which anyone can find a delicacy to his taste. Muffins -a good solution for breakfast or lunch. Children like these little dessert in a special way.  This demanded delicacy is suitable for the realization through confectionary and supermarkets.

The company MAGEN-D is specializing in the supplies of high quality food products to the sector HoReCa . Turning to us, you can get super tasty muffins of various types. As fillings we use caramel, chocolate, natural berries and fruits. Due to the observance of the production technology, the baking gets aromatic and appetizing. Attendants of your cafe or other institution will value the delicacy that literally melts in one`s mouth. The product does not need prebaking. It is enough to defrost them to reach final readiness. Proportional products are comfortable to be served. 

In the ingredients of muffins there are no conservants, flavor enhancer or such unnatural food agents: It is especially important nowadays when the fashion for natural products increases their usage. The shelf life of deep frozen muffins is 3 months. Please your clients with lemon, orange and chocolate buns with wonderful aroma, and they will return to you again and again!