French-Italian delicacy in little macaroonies- for You and Your clients!

Macarooni- perhaps, one of the desserts, that have  rapidly gained popularity, but are not going to leave pedestal either in the nearest future  or in the foreseeble perspectives. And it is not wise: being both a cake and a cookie at the same time, macaroonis or macarons( do not mess with african cookies macarun), combine lightness and sweetness of the fillings ( the advantage of the cakes) with crispy crust ( the advantage of the cookies).  Many inhabitants of  Moscow who are in love,  ask themselves from where to buy macaroonies in Moscow – after all, this delicacy has get to be associated with Parisian romance and has become the charm of the most wonderful feeling.  

It means buying macarooni for Your business by wholesale is a great idea! Your cafe, definitly, can become the favorite place of many cooing pairs- after all, the ordered macarooni for dessert  is so romantic and nice! And if  You are an owner of  a French or Italian restaurant   ( for its birthplace Paris competes with Rome), buy not expensive macaroonies in Moscow – first, it will wonderfully expand your menu, second – it will become the pledge for the freshness  of the product, as macaroonis of the company MAGEN-D are produced   directly in the capital city! The strictest observance of the receipt and temperature regime  allow our bakers to make pure macaroonies of the right round form, with  unique firm crust, soft soufflé, unimaginable filling and playful ''skirt''- the  sign of the baker`s mastership.

If you have decided to buy macarooni in Moscow, take into account the assortment of MAGEN-D. The most popular tastes, colours and fillings are represented on our web-site - choose an ideal classics or a happy diversity! These confectionary products are delivered in frozen form, with strict observance of the temperature regime,- so that  you can be sure about the freshness of the product and that the tasty macarooni will appear  on you bar or on the table of the client as soon as possible.

Call to the company MAGEN-D by the number s (Moscow) 8 (499) 406-00-90 or 8 (916) 155-37-46 – and we will answer to all your questions and help you to form an order!