Frozen half-prepared products from short pastry

Sandy products of the new generation

The true sandy dough is made of flour with a low content of gluten in a room where certain temperature is observed. Increase the period of dough kneading and here is the result… overcast dough. Are not you ready to spend your time on troubles when making confectionary products? Then obtain semi-finished products made of sandy dough by wholesale. The company MAGEN-D offers high quality products with large assortment.

Rosen to readiness, our semi-finished products have light brown color and have good porosity and friability. In order to have delicious food and really good quality products, all the ingredients for their preparation are carefully selected by the technologists of the company. The production process is controlled at all stages.

Advantages of sweets of the new generation have been appreciated by the owners of coffee shops, confectionaries, cafes and other objects of HoReCa segment. Regardless of the time of day, the visitors can be served with a fresh and delicious product. Bringing the semi-finished product to readiness takes less than 25 minutes. The taste of defrosted product does not differ from the freshly baked one and the smell whets one`s appetite.

If a restaurant or cafe prepares sandy dough products on their own, it is in quite large numbers, as a rule. It is not fact that they will be quickly bought up, and their palatability in part will be lost the next day. The technology of shock freezing allows to bake the right amount of product, even one! The smell of freshly baked goods will not leave any visitor indifferent!