Doughnut – a ready-made solution for profitable business

Do you want to attract new visitors to your cafe, coffee shop or other establishment? Purchase frozen doughnuts by wholesale! Who can resist the fragrant delicacy, attracting with its soft consistency?! Lush doughnuts with curd, strawberry, cherry, apricot, or other fillings will ensure a steady flow of visitors. To be sure! After all, their appearance and taste are familiar to us from childhood. Eat a round cake with a hole, sprinkled with sugar powder, and warmth flows through my heart.

One can buy products from fast food cafes located in trade centers. Everyone knows that hot and juicy doughnuts are the weakness of many sweet- teeth. The fragrance spreading in the cooking process, will attract people appeared near your pavilion. The opportunity to taste the most various types of this popular delicacy will also attract customers. To serve the doughnut to the customer, there is no need to prebake, simply defrost. Products purchased for "take-away", can be packed in a paper bag with the logo of the institution.

The company MAGEN-D offers doughnuts, made from selected natural ingredients. We have made an assortment with the most popular fillings: vanilla cream, apricot and cherry jam, chocolate, caramel, boiled condensed milk, etc. Doughnuts, have undergone deep-frosting, have shelf life of 3 months under the conditions of freezer compartment. They are supplied in packs with different numbers of items. Hot doughnuts with magical aroma - here it is, ready-made solution for a profitable business!