The most tasty cookies from various pastries

The purchase of cookies of the company MAGEN-D – excellent choice for any businessman. Soft fresh confectionary products from the capital manufacturer will please both the customers of your store (in case you own a trade point) and the clients of public feeding centers- restaurants, cafes, confectionaries, canteens etc. Cookies bought in Moscow by wholesale will quickly find its place in your bars and kitchens of your centers without losing its wonderful taste and flavor due to natural spices. Also, pleasant prices will please You and Your clients!

You can buy by wholesale cookies of various types made of sandy, yeast, puff and waffle dough made by old, tried and new receipts, arrived at Russia from different countries. Each of them will differ from the other one not only by the technology of its production, but also by its outward appearance and weight which will allow You to buy the proper products by wholesale from the company MAGEN-D, as well as expanding your sweet menu. For example, buy world-wide famous French cookies kurabie, You can be quiet that it will not lay long in the bar: statistically it is one the most popular type of cookies alongside with cookies with cereal and cookies known as ''Yubileynoe''. Delicious puff tubes or cocosancks? Both are easy to buy by wholesale in Moscow, and the combination of price and quality will prove one more time that the company MAGEN-D is not considered to be one of the best in the region in vain. High technology equipments and high class masters of their business working for Your with love- that is the true pledge for success!

To purchase the cookies of the confectionary factory MAGEN-D, turn to us by calling

 8 (499) 406-00-90 or 8 (916) 155-37-46 or come to our hospitable department of purchase by the address C. Moscow, Ogorodniy passage, house 16. We are waiting!