Fresh sweet cheesecakes by wholesale for your business

A gentle delicacy of light cream cheese and a thin sandy pastry - cheesecake - in recent years it has become incredibly popular in Russia. For many buyers and customers of cafes it is very important to have this delicious cake in the assortment. Not only cheesecake manufacturers, but any, even the most sophisticated, sweets lover knows how important is the freshness for this dessert: an extra day - and the dessert is already half less tasty and light. Therefore we offer to purchase frozen cheesecakes by wholesale from the company "Magen-D" - high-quality technologists of the production of cheesecakes from the Russian manufacturer and prompt delivery make our products truly delicious and always fresh!

A few words about the history, composition and types of cheesecakes. Retrospective information suggests that this delicacy has been known since the times of ancient Greece - but then all of the components of cheesecake (flour, cheese, water) were simply mixed together. Classic American cheesecake, the most popular and canonical one, nowadays  the follower of the ancient dessert, is made from curd  or cream cheese and  sand bases (sugar, oil, flour). This recipe can be supplemented with fruit or chocolate toppings in liquid form or  directly in the form of pieces of fruits and sweets. However, overseas origin of the cheese cake does not mean that Russia has no skillful craftsmen capable of preparing this sweetie: you can buy Russian cheesecake by wholesale, without fearing that quality will suffer in comparison with foreign analogues. Our experienced technologists sustain the whole cake recipe from "A" to "Z" - to ensure that your customers will enjoy this delicious fresh dessert, by no means inferior to its peers - except the price! To order cheesecake by wholesale simply call the company "Magen-D" by 8 (499) 406-00-90 or 8 (916) 155-37-46. Prompt delivery and maintenance of temperature regime is guaranteed!1