Cakes extra-class for shops, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops

The factory of cakes and semi-finished bakery products "Magen-D" offers to buy cakes by wholesale from the manufacturer  at affordable price - the products are  of uncompromising freshness and incredible taste which we guarantee! If you have decided to buy cakes by wholesale in Moscow (it can be both cakes for stores from the manufacturer, and delicacies for restaurant chains, coffee shops and cafes), products from the reliable manufacturer of cakes - the company "Magen-D" - will be to your taste. In our assortment there is a variety of classic and original desserts with different weight, design, composition and taste; In addition, you can order a cake from our factory according to your individual specifications. You can choose the filling (or filling, depending on the number of tiers or sections), the form, topping and decoration for your order - which means that the cake will turn out to be original, unique and, most importantly, fully relevant to customer`s requests.

When ordering cakes by wholesale, entrepreneurs usually worry about the freshness of the product and the accuracy during shipping, as well as for the observance of  sanitary and temperature standards. Their fears are quite justified: gentle and capricious, products of cream, yoghurt and biscuit can easily "float" in the heat or chap.  However, the technologists of "Magen-D" produce and store our cakes with strict observance of state standards and competent loaders and deliverymen tack on the streets of Moscow with exquisite care - so that the cakes of the confectionery factory "Magen-D" came to you safe and sound.

Buying custom cakes from the confectionery factory with production in Moscow, you may not doubt about the freshness of products. Their appearance is worthy of lenses of the best food photographers, and the  taste - praise  of the great culinary critics. To buy cakes by wholesale, just call us. Our phones: 8 (499) 406-00-90 and 8 (916) 155-37-46. We always welcome your questions and suggestions!