Everyone likes sweeties and MAGEN-D knows it well. That is why our technologists have worked out magnificently tasty desserts: muffins and cakes.

For making cakes and muffins various additives are used: chocolate, natural berries and vanilla. All the bakery products are aromatic, rosy and very appetizing, beside we add minimum vegetative and animal oil in the dough due to which the dough becomes specially delicate and, literally, melts in ones mouth. Cakes do not need defrosting and are ready for using.

In addition to muffins, MAGEN-D produces cheesecakes as well – traditional dish for breakfast at a Russian table. Cheesecakes are made of high quality fresh curd with the addition of candied fruit; all the products are fully made and then exposed to shock frosting- for final readiness it is enough to put them into a common or industrial microwave oven for some minutes and then you can serve them. 

Frozen confectionary have long shelf life – up to 3 months in conditions of freezing chamber, are comfortable for serving, are tasty and have stable demand. The current kind of production is suitable for cafes, confectionaries, supermarkets and restaurants.  

Sweet pastries for tea from MAGEN-D are always needed!