Wheat bread

Wheat bread – musthave of any cuisine

Wheat bread – the classics of russian table. Despite the fact that russians have taken rye-bread as their main food for 100 years, wheat bread fixedsly came into our culinary routine. Both europeans and easern people and, of course,  americans ate white bread. And up to now such bakery products remain in honour in the wolrd. Both breakfast, and dinner and light snack on the way or in nature is good with them. 

Semi-finished wheat bread deserves to be looked at, in case you have enterprise of any scale. The sphere of public feeding and food providing actively needs in bakery products- and not in vain: tasty hot bread, which in several minutes can be obtained in the store is a great advantage for your marketing strategy. After all, it is known, that the smell of the fresh made bread strenghtens the purchasing capacity of the customers. The same can be said about cafes, restaurants and canteens- it is always substantial and cosy with bread, and the possibility for ordering something with bread increases!

In the assortmnet of MAGEN-D there are delicate bread with tomatoe, paprika, onion, garlic, spinach and barn. There are also loaves with corn flour and malt. That is why in case of ordering wheat  bread by wholesale there will be great choice! The weight of each loaf  of such bread varies from 200 – 500 g, which allows to choose the volume suitable for Your purposes and keep the product fresh. The short period of time for making will increase the rapidity of service in Your center, allowing the consumers to enjoy the unordinary taste as soon as possible.

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