Rye-wheat bread

Rye-wheat bread by wholesale

From ancient times for the russian people bread, namely the bread from rye flour was the ''staff of life''. And not in vain: rye is very frost-resistant and its grains gather the whole strength of the mother plant, enriching your organism with necessary microelements and nourishing elements. Many sayings, folksays and positive superstitions are connected with bread in Russia- and in all of them it is identified with life, strength and the truth. From all these one can conclude that the demand for rye bread is high- though nowadays wheat flour is added too, but it does not decrease its value for the consumer.   

Those who love this purely russian product will deservingly value rye-wheat bread of the manufacturer MAGEN-D- after all there are various tasty and healthy rye bread with such agents as flax seed, sunflower seed, malt and coriander in our assortment. Each of them uniquely colors the usual taste of bread, and also has healthy features: the flax seed contain polyunsatuarted fat oxidants necessary for the brains activity, coriander is a natural antiseptic, sunflower seed satisfy the body`s needs in various vitamins. Rye bread can be used both at breakfast and for daily meals, also they can be dried and used as agents for original salads and dishes. No cafe, or store or best restaurant will refuse to have such a product in their menu or assortment.

Obtaining rye-wheat bread by wholesale with the company MAGEN-D is simple and pleasant, after all our prices are competitive, and our quality – high! The process of ordering is very simple. Call by the number 8 (499) 406-00-90  and order the chosen products- there many other fast made bakery products to any taste  in our web site!