Italian bread passion in Russia- for You!

Ciabatta- bread with southern tempo. This purely Italian type of bakery liked also by the Europeans and Americans fr om the end of 20th century – has now arrived to Russian market. A Russian as a true expert in bread could not resist to enjoying this aromatic porous soft bread with crust and with various tasty agents as olives, black olives, cheese, onion, paprika and, of course, made in olive oil! Herbs added while mixing the dough for ciabatta, give indispensible light colour of taste to each loaf of this tasty product.    

If you own a cafe, a restaurant or  a store of any scale – from a small store ''near home'' to a large retailer- you will surely like buying ciabatta bread by wholesale. It will be a good decision for restaurants with Italian profile wh ere quick service is the pledge for success, and every minute counts and for any other business-after all demand for bread is always high! Also, using ciabatta in fast-food cafes has also become a tradition- sandwiches are tasty with them and are not so heavy for digesting. Retailer stores also need in diverse assortment of bread- You can extend and improve them with us!

80% ready ciabatta-  an easy and fast way to attract  clients with unimaginable smell, pleasant taste and food value, after all bread is necessary for substantial meal! Piquant smell of just made bread will not leave anyone indifferent.

Call us by the number 8 (499) 406-00-90 – and order semi-finished bread ciabatta just now!