A French baguette –the beloved delicacy on many tables of all over the world

One of the famous ‘’French’’ loved so much by the Russian consumers, is baguette. An unfamiliar person may perhaps call it a loaf and will be false, after all a true baguette differs by its soft airy crumbs and clearly crispy crust, and its form is not that plump and large as that of its Russian fellow. Large diversity of receipts, strews and fillings of baguette allows to find what will suit just to your taste- and , of course, to your client!

Bread has always been the basic  food for the Russian and the French bakery products came to suit our taste. No light breakfast with fried toasts and not big burgers and canapé, no dinner with hot soups and  broths,  no supper – a romantic one, or business or common is possible without bread. If you remember the meaning of bread in life and want to provide the attendants of your café, restaurant, canteen or store with French tasty baguette, we offer You to obtain baguettes by wholesale. It is profitable both economically and for time- waste affairs- pleasant prices for our products go well with the large assortment and rapidity of making the baguettes.   The most refined client will value both ordinary bread from this line- hearth made, country, and withs sesame- and so delicate ones as garlic, cereal,  malt ones. Comfortable weight and quantaty of the products in a package will let to choose the optimal quantaty for your order – and to save!

Call to the company MAGEN-D by the number (Moscow) 8 (499) 406-00-90 – and we will answer to all your questions and help you to form an order!