Bread of 80% readyiness

MAGEN-D is one of the greatest manufacturer of frozen 80 % ready bread. The company produces about 30 types of bread with various receipts and of high quality. The whole assortment is made of wheat and rye flour of high quality with the utilization of modern technologies of mixing and of various formulations. 

MAGEN-D produces 3 lines of bread:

1.     Traditional; rye-wheat and wheat.

2.     Italian Ciabatta

3.     French baguette

Our production does not need long proofing; it is enough to get the semi-finished produtcs, defrost in 10-15 minutes and put in convectional oven until it is ready.

80% ready bread is the most comfortable product for selling; just 30 minutes is needed for the fresh and hot baking to appear in a trading floor.

Hot bread- bestseller, raise your goods turnover with MAGEN-D!