Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We send you all the best wishes in the world on these wonderful holidays.
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Sangak – stone bread
It has been already said so much about the eastern breads, as well as a lot of them eaten all over the world – the popularity, for example, of pita bread and pita is undeniable. But how many breads are still unknown! Sangak – the  "stone bread" - is one of the little-known to us, but no less delicious, Persian bread.
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Grissini – the Royal medicine
It sounds amazing, but yes - it is just about the bread, and the "medical" bread! Grissini (or grisin), these light crispy Italian bread sticks were invented either for the young Prince of Turin, who was suffering from a heavy meal, or for the king himself.
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Easter kulich- brand new in the assortment of MAGEND-D!
Dear customers! We hasten to please you and your customers: specifically for the holiday Happy Easter the Company "Magen-D" has introduced to its range of Frozen pastry cakes with raisins.
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