Equipments for baking

We offer to use equipments from the company ‘’SMEG'' (Italy). This equipment has recommended itself in market in the best way. The standard set of the equipment includes convection oven and proofer stock, which You can get in our company by 20% discount for making our production.
The equipment works from a common onephase plug 220 W.
Additional retractable appliances are not needed.
Overall dimensions
Oven: 597 х 531 х 524 mm
Proofer stock: 597 х 880 х 545 mm
Consumption power
Oven: 2,7 kWt/h
Proofer stock: 0,8 kWt/h
Total: 3,5 kWt/h for two europlugs
In oven there are 4 trays
with 435 х 320 mm size
In proofer stock - 10 trays
One tray carries 9 products.
Maximum productivity
20 products in an hour
We offer equipment for bakery for rent on the condition of safekeeping.
Ask the manager of our company about the conditions of such cooperation.
Overall dimensions
Oven: 595 х 625 х 590 mm
Proofer stock: 595 х 532 х 925 mm
Consumption power
Oven: 1,3kWt/h
Proofer stock: 1.5 kWt/h
There are 4 trays in the oven
with 435 х 300 mm size
In the proofer stock – 9 trays.
Maximum productivity
Up to 18 kg/hour of bakery products.
Equipment for deep-frying. The
Ask the managers of the company for details.

The number of containers - 1
Power(Wt) - 7800
Tension (W) - 220
Effective volume (l) - 14
Total weight (kg) - 11

Deep-fry tub is a stainless welded container with tap for overflowing the oil. A tray is set on the right side of the tub for putting ready products. The tray has special holes, due to which surplus frying oil flows from the product back into the deep-fry tub. The control block includes thermoregulator and TEH, made from stainless food steel. Cooking pincers are included in the set.