Term of storage - up to 4 months
Does not contain GMOs
Our production
“MAGEN-D”- is an expert in the sphere of deep frozen bread and fancy bread production.

We enshrine the traditions of baking and offer our clients only the best. The company produces and sells frozen semi-finished bakery products since 2002 and is rightful to be proud with its production: The assortment is distributed through hundreds of various bakery product names; from Russian traditional bread to quish pies.


Our clients
Our advantages allowed the company to become a market leader and gain popularity and loyalty on the part of both large network retailers and small businesses, profiled on the sale of food.
15 December 2016
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We send you all the best wishes in the world on these wonderful holidays.
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12 April 2016
Sangak – stone bread
It has been already said so much about the eastern breads, as well as a lot of them eaten all over the world – the popularity, for example, of pita bread and pita is undeniable. But how many breads are still unknown! Sangak – the  "stone bread" - is one of the little-known to us, but no less delicious, Persian bread.
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5 April 2016
Grissini – the Royal medicine
It sounds amazing, but yes - it is just about the bread, and the "medical" bread! Grissini (or grisin), these light crispy Italian bread sticks were invented either for the young Prince of Turin, who was suffering from a heavy meal, or for the king himself.
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Easter kulich- brand new in the assortment of MAGEND-D!
Dear customers! We hasten to please you and your customers: specifically for the holiday Happy Easter the Company "Magen-D" has introduced to its range of Frozen pastry cakes with raisins.
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