klienty-01 'MAGEN-D''- is a team of high class specialists oriented at acheiving success for the company. We produce high quality products, available for the wide range of social classes. Only qualitative natural ingredients are used in the process of making semi-finished bakery products, and manufacturing departments use only specialized techniques of leading world manufacturers like ''Euroline'' (Germany) – for making products of puff and rich pastries, German ''MIWI'' (Germany)- doughmixing machine, ovens, and equipments for proofing dough, ''Glimek'' (Scandivania) – for extending and moulding rolls and bread.

All the ingredients for the production pass entry control for quality and lack of pesticides and GMOs in the laboratory of the company. The ready-made production is additionally exposed to detailed testing according to State Standards.

Our main advantages:

  • Making high quality frozen semi-finished bakery products which due to the shock frosting technology can be delivered to any region of the state where they pass the final process of making in full cycle bakeries;
  • Strict maintenance of food security standard according to world demands;
  • Wide assortment of products;
  • Maintenance of regular temperature regime for keeping semi-finished products;
  • Using refrocontainers with thermostats for shipping products.



proizvodstvoOur market specialists carefully follow the fluctuations in market and shopping demands, that is why our production engineers are all the time working out new baking receipts answering to the most exacting taste.

  • Gorgeous look;
  • Original fillings;
  • Natural berries and fruits;
  • Qualitative meat products;
  • Easiness in making of our semi-finished products.

These are not the complete list of our company`s advantages: the shock frosting technology allows to preserve all the healthy features and vitamins of bakery products.

Frozen bakery products from "MAGEN-D" are widely popular among its purchasers, who obtain puffs and bread, pies and pizza, rolls and muffins with great pleasure. Besides, frozen semi-finished bakery products are excellent variant for developing existing business or for the opening a new one. Fresh and hot bread always attracts the purchasers.
Here are some "pluses" of cooperation with us:

  • The volume of the bakery products can be corrected depending on the level of demand and conductivity of selling points;
  • Frozen bread and semi-finished products perfectly combine with full cycle bakeries;
  • Cutting transportation costs;


"MAGEN-D" - profitable partnership and high quality products for Your business!