About the company

o-kompanii-01LLC ‘’MAGEN-D’’- a modern bakery of the latest generation and a supplier of delicate frozen bakery semi-finished products. High-class examples of rolls, pies, and bread from all over the world are gathered in our collection – delicious bakery products of our company have stable demand and are always demanded by our clients.

We have more than 100 types of products, from classic white yeast bread to delicate ciabatta with spicy herbs of sunny Italy.

In the latest decade frozen puffs, rolls and other bakery products are becoming more and more popular as they are:

  • Comfortable for making;
  • Look presentable on dumbwaiter;
  • Availble in price;
  • Tasty and always fresh.


o-kompanii-03The company 'MAGEN-D'' works in the market more that 10 years and has recomended itself form the best side. Rightfully we have the best bakeries and technologies in Moscow.

Besides, there are high quality equipments of european production in our company and we use high quality stuff.

Products for making pies and puffs do not contain conservants, dyes and oxidants, in our production we use only natural ingredients withou GMO: berries, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs.

The products do not lay too long in storehouse and quickly find their purchasers, frozen semi-finished bakery products are purchased by:

  • Commercial net stores;
  • Cafes;
  • Restaurants;
  • Fast-foods;
  • Confectionaries;
  • Enterprises;


Technologists are all the time looking for new flavour compositions of receipts, in that way extending the assortment line. Production of the LLC ''MAGEN-D'' are purchased not only by capital clients, but by regional representatives as well. The process of making frozen bread and bakery products takes three stages:

  • It is baked, thoroughly or partly, depending on the final way of making;
  • Passes deep shock frosting process;
  • Is delivered to its final sale point.

Products of the company MAGEN-D are certified.

Сертификат Сертификат

"MAGEN-D" – useful semi-finished bakery products
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