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The first bread appeared still in Neolith- about 10000 years ago, and in the Ancient Egypt the art of bakery was highly widespread, not only did they bake yeast bread in the most ancient state, but rich dough goods as well like honey bread, biscuits, rolls and special pies filled with fruits. Bread is the staff of life!- accompanied the humanity through the whole history and till now is considered to be the only existing proof for well-being and sufficiency.

“MAGEN-D”- is an expert in the sphere of deep frozen bread and fancy bread production. We enshrine the traditions of baking and offer our clients only the best. The company produces and sells frozen semi-finished bakery products since 2002 and is rightful to be proud with its production: The assortment is distributed through hundreds of various bakery product names; from Russian traditional bread to quish pies.

We produce:

  • Frozen semi-finished bakery products at a high level of readiness;
  • Frozen semi-finished puff pastries with sweet and substantial fillings;
  • Frozen yeast and no yeast puff dough;
  • Frozen semi-finished bakery goods for microwaves;
  • Frozen ready-made bakery goods;

We produce

High quality flour, natural fruits and berries, modern technologies- those are the basic ingredients of our wonderful and useful production. Advanced technologies thoroughly work out receipts of every line presenting delicate and tasty products for consumers` judgement which will please any hostess and will gather the whole family round the table.

Our advantages:

  • the whole production is certified;
  • does not contain GMO;
  • comply with European quality standards;
  • Storage period of goods up to 3 months;


Frozen bakery goods preserve its flavoring and nourishing features for a long period of time, are comfortable for transportation, easy for making that is why they have high demand among its consumers. But we cooperate not only with hypermarkets and grocery stores- fresh and beautiful bakery goods please callers of fast food cafes, hosts in hotels, at gas stations. Our production succeeds among companies offering delivery of hot meals to offices and business centers.

We offer :

  • Frozen bread and bakery products by big and small wholesale;
  • In time delivery of ordered products;
  • Personalized approach to every client;


Bread and bakery goods –are the most demanded products, millions of people love them! Extending the assortment of your market with the company ''MAGEN-D'' you offer people not only qualitative and healthy food,- you extend the boundaries of your business!

Working with us is comfortable, convenient, and profitable!

"MAGEN-D" - a leader in the market of the production of frozen semi-finished bakery products.